Selasa, 31 Mei 2016

DKNY be delicious- fresh blossom

Hye.. this is my 1st post after cleaning all the unnecessary things in my blog.
New page, a new beginning, new content...

So, for my first post. I'm gonna review my favorite first perfume.

looks like an apple & if u buy the 100ml perfume it will be too big to handle especially when you had small hands like mine. HAHA

My nearly empty bottle - 50ml

The reasons why I'm super in love with this darling is:
  • the fresh scent and soft smells- makes u feel more feminine but at the same time feels refresh
  • very long lasting- depends on your activities also room temperature.
  • 100ml perfume can last 1year and a half. I used it on an everyday basis. 

Ratings: 5star
*definitely would purchase it again & again

PRO: smells really really good

CONS: nope. all is good (bias review.. haha)

PRICE: for 50 ml, around RM309.. 100ml, around RM3++ (Sasa price)

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